SANO Pure Energy

In a time of massive stress, uncertainty, fears, conflicts, sickness… a time of constant search for something else that can overcome the social, financial or individual crisis, … the best investment you can make is to improve your habits and behaviours positively in a way that will help you keep balance between your health, relationships, performance and wellness to improve your life experience.

Rise above the traps of the current conditioning and complaining to discover the innovative SANO PURE ENERGY method and recover the physical, psychological and emotional freedom you deserve. The natural and genuine freedom that will allow you to have real force and energy to live the Life of Your Dreams in a fun enjoyable way!

  • Tired/stressed?

    Have you felt tired or stressed in the recent weeks?

  • Energy/performance?

    Want to have more energy and better performance?

  • Sleep/recovery?

    Do you know it is possible to improve your sleep and recovery?

  • Aging

    Are you interested in learning how to reduce oxidative stress , inflammation and aging in natural way?

The SANO PURE Energy Method, based on more then 20 years of personal experience and modelling the secrets of health, energy and vitality, learned with top world masters including Tony Robbins; Deepak Chopra; Wayne Dayer and Hermogenes to name a few. This unique methodology can help you find answers to a variety of challenges and issues experienced in the physical body, emotional being and your mind, in your conquest for vitality, balance and well-being.


RICARDO MENDOZA – Master NLP Coach and one of the leading experts in the health and wellness of the Iberian Peninsula. The creator of SANO Pure Energy method, he has experience of more then 10.000 PT sessions having worked extensively with the Holmes Place consulting and as international advisor. Ricardo has trained hundreds of people in SANO technologies to certification level and his brand new book ready to be release.

Location: Algarve (Portugal)

Dates: Spring 2015

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