MR Trainings

Today’s business environment is shifting so fast – how do you keep your best staff up to date with their skills? Let’s fact it that is a matter of business survival!
How do you compete with other organizations who are ready to headhunt your best talent? If your key people love they will take the contents of their heads with them – can you really afford that?
How do you remain the ’employee of choice’? For your business to flourish you will need the support of your staff!

MR&M offers a suite of unique solutions to address these challenges. We think “outside the box” and adapt to the real needs of your business environment to offer trainings that could be customized to in house, off-site or any other format that will deliver impact. Based on extensive use of experiential methodologies we will provide fundamental skills, professional development and fun.

Sessions can be tailored from half or full day trainings to a multiple day retreats, depending on your specific challenges and objectives.

Team Building

The success of the team depends on its weakest link – whether that be communication, attitude, knowledge, personality fit or any other of the many team challenges.

As the leader of that team you are always looking for ways to drive performance in your team, but who has time to  be creative when you have deadlines to meet and operational issues to resolve! 

Our team focuses on getting the best out of your team. We have spent years developing and perfecting unique experiences, challenges and foundations, in specific and unusual environments, where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. We make learning the soft skills of working as a team fun. In fact so much fun, that your team members won’t even know they are learning until they have already learned the lesson. Research has shown that this is the most effective and long lasting mode of adult education.

Our program syllabus covers the reality and the awareness of various aspects of team dynamics, in order to get employees to reflect on their daily practices and the resulting performance, motivating them to find new and better ways to work together. We create unique experiences that highlight the relationship between behavioral choices and the performance consequences.

Our focus and desire is to motivate and help you develop a winning unique TEAM. If there is VISION, PASSION and ATTITUDE to ACT, we believe nothing is impossible! 

Allow us to show you what your team is capable of – you might be very surprised!

Corporate Retreat

Contact us now to discuss a tailor made solution to help you improve the cohesion of your board or senior management team.