1 x 1 Solutions

For most people there are areas where they would like to see improvement – is it your health, your financial situation, your relationships or maybe it is your business or career progress. What is the one area you would improve if you could make that happen today?

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Our focus and desire is to motivate and help you develop a winning unique TEAM. If there is VISION, PASSION and ATTITUDE to ACT, we believe nothing is impossible! We think “outside the box” and adapt to the real needs of your business environment.

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Speakers engagement & Keynotes

Whether you are looking to improve your performance in business, in sport or you are just ready to start playing life at the next level, Ricardo will help you to find the blueprint of success and the triggers that can mobilize people and teams to reach their goals and dreams.

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Are you interested in learning how to unlock you or your teams full potential? Need some tools & strategies to maximise results?

Enhamed Enhamed

Ricardo helped me develop new skills and gave me a lot of technologies to face my training and my competition that had a massive impact on my life. I think he’s a great coach and he can help you take your life to the next level.

Enhamed EnhamedParalympic Swimmer (9 medals)BBC
Simon Bowler

I first met Ricardo at a Juice PLUS+® event in Windsor, UK’. With his involvement in the Antony Robbins organisation I asked him to speak at the next Windsor event on personal development. Ricardo proved to be a major hit as he delivered his talk with passion and powerful enthusiasm and touched many people in the audience to take further control of their lives. He is man of conviction and continues to walk his talk as a great team leader.

Simon BowlerNSA International Regional Director Juice Plus UK
Rodney Cullen

I am incredibly grateful to have met Ricardo. He’s helped me understand myself and work through many of the limiting beliefs that were holding me back. I’ve achieved financial freedom, lost 12 kg, climbed Kilimanjaro, travelled for 12 months and connected with a network of amazing people.

Rodney CullenTechnology Entrepreneur // Digital NomadLinkedIn
Rene Deceuninck

I met Ricardo in conference about health and we have a chat at the end where Ricardo manage a way of after 35 years of being smoking I quit for first time now for 2 years. I highly recommend him on his work 1×1; his trainings and people engagements speaks all over the world… you will feel the difference on the Maximum Results

Rene DeceuninckCommunications TechnicianDr Com

SANO Workshop

This is the workshop for all those who believe that life has more to offer and want to find out how!

  • Have you felt tired or stressed in the recent weeks?
  • Want to have more energy and better performance?
  • Do you know it is possible to improve your sleep and recovery?
  • Are you interested in learning how to reduce oxidative stress , inflammation and aging in natural way?
  • The fundamental role of nutrition and exercise to maximize better lifestyle and RESULTS

The SANO PURE Energy Method, based on more then 20 years of personal experience and modelling the secrets of health, energy and vitality, learned with top world masters including Tony Robbins; Deepak Chopra; Wayne Dayer and Hermogenes to name a few. This unique methodology can help you find answers to a variety of challenges and issues experienced in the physical body, emotional being and your mind, in your conquest for vitality, balance and well-being.

Location: Algarve (Portugal)
Dates: Spring 2015 (Venue To Be Confirmed)